Who We Are

The Mongers

Meet the Owners

Shaun and Daniella Monger have owned Garden City Janitorial since 2017. After finishing their MBA programs in Colorado, they moved to Missoula with the hopes of owning their own business. They are proud to live and support the Missoula community.

They are active supporters in programs such as the Boys and Girls Club of Missoula County, SpectrUM and the Montana Natural History Center. They enjoy exploring the outdoors with their son and dogs, travelling and enjoying a nice cocktail on their back porch.


Our People

Our staff are our backbone for both helping us getting the work done but to the high standards we hold ourselves too. So treating them well and giving them stable, reliable and worthwhile employment is one of our top priorities.

We want to give our people access to a long term career path with both stability of work as well as great benefits. We have employees that have been cleaning for over 20 years! We provide benefits including health, dental and vision insurance, IRA, wellness reimbursements and paid time off.

Above all, we do our very best to pay a living wage. We value our employees time and work and want to do right by them in providing a job that they can have security in their everyday lives as well as provide work/life balance to enjoy this great community.

We are always looking for great people, so please check out our Career page and submit an application today!


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