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Top 3 Challenges A Janitorial Company Faces (and Why that Matters to You)

1. Employee Tenure

One of the hardest things janitorial companies face is a high turnover rate. Company culture could play a part in this but generally, people do not see cleaning as a long-term occupation. Just the nature of the beast. Cleaning is easy to get burned out on quickly – it requires the same work be done over and over and many times, involves working alone in the middle of the night. As much as we do our best to have a livable wage, good company culture, and great leadership- all these things do not guarantee that someone will stick around. We try to keep the same cleaners at the same location for as long as possible – but consistency is hard in this industry.

2. Misunderstanding of Scope of Work

Our pricing is usually based upon what is being cleaned, how much time we estimate that will take, which is why we develop a scope of work (what is to be cleaned and when) and stick pretty religiously to it. We get a lot of “this wasn’t done” and yet that person has not looked over the scope of work to see if we are even contracted to do it. We don’t send along and take the time to write one out because it makes us feel good – we use it to predict labor hours, staffing, and profitability. Take time to review the scope with us, actually take a peek at what was written and see if that truly fits your wants and needs.

3. The Weather

Our industry is as predictable as the weather and is also immensely affected by it. We are constantly dealing with shifts in staff, what is wanted by the customer, evolving staff of the customer which leads to investing our time to explain things, and differences in what are problem areas. There is a seasonality to our business, rock salt causes issues in the winter time (at least here in Montana), mud in the spring all lead to more time, effort, chemical experimentation to try and reach the level of clean we promise.

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