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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Commercial Janitorial Company

Why Even Hire a Professional Commercial Janitorial Company?

Most everyone cleans something at some point. A residence, where they work (maybe), where they socialize. It’s often not even thought about, we do the dishes because we need dishes right? Many people do not realize that cleaning is a trade skill you can learn and develop with training and experience. When it comes to providing  commercial janitorial services, there is some belief that doing it themselves will save time and money. We care to disagree however, and here is a few reasons why. (With studies to back them up, which you can check out here)!

Productivity and a Clean Workspace

An average employee is out sick an average of 9 days a year. There is also an average of 7,500 bacteria on a keyboard at any given moment. So putting those two facts together… you may get a good idea of where we are going with this. Clean spaces can help reduce the number of sick days taken by employees which helps both productivity in your business but healthy people tend to be happier people. People also tend to be less stressed in a clean environment, which can in turn reduce burn out, prolong employment and save turnover costs. Professional janitorial service companies know the ins and outs of disinfection, proper chemical use and areas that harbor the most bacteria and germs. So, the better the cleaning, the bigger reduction in office sickness and call outs, meaning more gets accomplished.

Reduction in Business Costs (We swear!)

Paying someone to do something when you can do it yourself does tend to make some business sense normally, right? Paying someone to do something you can do also does not bring “cost savings” to mind. However, think about the time (and time is money) saved by hiring someone to do something that tends not to be in your companies job description anyway. The ROI of hiring a professional janitorial service is worth it. Even small offices can take over an hour each day to clean. So how much is that worth in taxes, wages, stress? Your business will end up with happier employees, a cleaner space (commercial cleaners are trained to spot cleaning issues that you may not see),  and a reduction in stress, saving your time to put in the work for your business.

Expertise + Efficiency

Not everyone is good at everything, which is just life. Commercial janitorial services on a professional level falls under that fact. People don’t think twice about hiring an electrician or plumber for their skills. Commercial cleaning is not so different. While the training may not be formal (per se), experienced cleaning companies learn and develop skills regarding cleaning and chemicals that not everyone even thinks about to know! Having someone who knows what to look for, whether it be trouble spots they know pop up, being efficient in how the cleaning is done and using the right tools to get the best cleaning results, can save you money and headache in the long run.

Cost Saving 2.0

Hiring a professional, insured, licensed and bonded janitorial company also reduces potential liability and costs for your business. You could be saving yourself from paying workers compensation claims stemming from an injury that could occur while an employee is cleaning or using a cleaning chemical improperly. Your company’s policy may not cover the janitorial code necessary to have claims covered. A professional commercial cleaning service company has all those items covered, from the proper employee code to experience and training to ensure safety standards are met.

There is even more! I know, so many was to save. Bulk supplies are way cheaper then just hitting up Costco for some chemicals. Most larger janitorial companies have buying contracts with national suppliers (or they should) to help save on our costs, which in our eyes should be savings passed onto our clients. From your daily disinfectants to paper products, janitorial service companies are not spending $5-10 on a single bottle of chemical. We get pounds of chemicals and refill bottles as needed. So even an extra perk to go along with cost savings, reducing your plastic use and helping our planet.

Your Reputation and Community Presence

Having a clean work area is a huge reputation builder for your own potential clients, business partners, etc. You can be proud of the place you call your business and feel comfortable in “showing it off” (so to speak) to your community. Commercial janitorial services are proud of the work they do, your reputation in having a clean facility speaks to ours as a service company. At Garden City Janitorial we enjoy bringing that skill to our community partners and the support they bring to small companies like ourselves, that live in the same community.

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