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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Commercial Janitorial Company

Most everyone cleans something, their house, where they work, where they play. It’s almost something inherent to a part of us. Many people do not realize that cleaning is a trade skill you can learn and develop with training and experience. When it comes to cleaning workspaces, many feel like they can do it themselves. Here are some reasons this might be hindering productivity and your bottom line.

1. Productivity and a Clean Workspace

An average employee is out sick an average of 9 days a year. There is also an average of 7,500 bacteria on a keyboard at any given moment. Clean spaces can help reduce the number of sick days taken and the general level of germs which boosts the level of work done and overall morale of an employee. People also tend to be less stressed in a clean environment, which can in turn reduce burn out, prolong employment and save turnover costs.

2. Reduce Costs

Paying someone to do something when you can do it yourself does not tend to make much sense normally, right? Paying someone also does not bring “reducing costs” to mind. Think about the time (and time is money) saved by hiring someone to do something that tends not to be in the job description anyway. You’ll have happier employees, a cleaner space by hiring someone trained to spot cleaning issues, reduce stress and help save your time for work that leads to your bottom line.

3. Expertise

Not everyone is good at everything, which is normal. This includes cleaning on a professional level. People don’t think twice about hiring an electrician or plumber for their skills. Commercial cleaning is not so different. While the training may not be formal, it may be from years of on the job training, it’s still a skill that can be developed. Having someone who knows what to look for, whether it be trouble spots they know pop up or simply being efficient can save you money and headache.

4. Costs 2.0

Hiring a professional, insured, licensed and bonded company also reduces your liability and potential costs. You are saving yourself from paying workers compensation claims stemming from an injury that could occur while an employee is cleaning. A professional cleaning company has these costs built in and saves you from adding to your own costs.

5. Your Reputation and Presence

Having a clean work area is a huge upsell and reputation builder for your own potential clients, business partners, etc. You can be proud of the place you call your business and able to “show it off” (so to speak) to your community. Also, by hiring a local business you are supporting the local economy which can be a huge deal with potential clients looking to get into business with you.

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