Let’s Talk Floor Maintenance.

We all love the look of clean, shiny flooring.photo of hallway floor in a hospital

It speaks to the cleanliness of a business right? We walk into a hospital, see shiny floors and a sense of comfort happens as you can trust you won’t come out sicker than you were there for. There is even a question on release surveys asking how clean you thought the hospital was! A huge part of that is the flooring. Medical research shows that half of patient rooms tested positive for MRSA in the first 24 hours. It can start on the floors but travel into bedding, clothing, socks, etc.

So how can a business keep their flooring looking its best?

Regular maintenance of course!

Flooring is expensive – from the carpet squares you see everywhere to luxury vinyl, it is never cheap. So the best way for a business to keep costs down is to take care of it. Regularly scheduled floor maintenance helps with that – it can prolong some flooring up to 10 years! So, how can a business take advantage of this? Carpet cleaning, waxing and buffing require special equipment and is very difficult to master. A lot of companies wait until the last minute which makes the job even harder. So, companies will Google some floor care companies and start to make calls.

While this is a good option in some cases, items like scheduling conflicts, wait times to get onto the schedule, high costs all play into the point I am going to make (eventually anyway).

Does your business have a janitorial service? If it doesn’t I highly recommend reaching out to see how they can help. I say this because, many of us have this service. Both as an add on as well as a part of our contracted janitorial services. Many of our customers love having scheduled maintenance within the scope of work and then they do not have to think about it, or wait until the last minute.

Your checkbook will appreciate it, your clients will love your clean space and it saves some brain power on your part.

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