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You’ve done your research. You looked through all of your quotes. You have picked the janitorial service cleaning company that best suits your needs. So…now what? Look into the process we use to onboard new customers to ensure both our new client as well as our staff are supported and happy.

If you need help finding a great janitorial service, here is an article that gives some pointers on what to look for.


1) Collect ALL the Information.

We are so excited when we get a new client. To us, it speaks to all the hard work and dedication we put into the janitorial service we provide. When we start the onboarding process, we want to know everything (maybe not your blood type, but you get the picture). When our quote is accepted, we get a signed contract. This includes items such as establishing the number of service days, cost and some of our basic policies we adhere to as a company.

In the few days before cleaning is to begin, we will meet again and do a final walkthrough. This one will involve asking about alarms, the alarm procedures, supply storage, keys, door access, dumpster location or anything else that may be important when accessing the building. The last thing we want to happen is having our clients get a phone call at 2 a.m. from the police asking if our presence is acceptable. Mistakes can happen, we want to reduce the number of them happening. Having all the information is so important to help prevent mistakes. Make sure to provide updates if needed!

2) The First Night

For the first clean, we typically have our supervisory staff be the first to clean the building. Getting them to know and understand the account. When a cleaner is assigned, they can effectively answer any questions that may arise. Supervisors are also experienced in handling any issues that may arise from the first time – alarm issues or a cleaning issue that may require special products. Once they get a feel for the building, they help us in finding the cleaner who would be best suited to the account. This helps in reducing turnover, which has a ton of benefits for both the customer service we provide as well as headaches in the office.

3) Establishing a Routine

A couple of cleaning nights into the new account, we do our best to check in and see how things are going. Janitorial services and just any cleaning in general is a very subjective thing. Each person has their own definition and expectations of what “good” or “bad” cleaning is. We want feedback to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

We will help the assigned cleaner establish the best and most efficient routine for the clients cleaning scope. Routine helps reduce missed items and ensures that all items on the scope are being done. It can also allow time for those periodical items, like dusting of picture frames for example, to be completed on time.

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4) … And Away We Go!

Once we get through the hiccups of a something new, we keep in touch with our clients over time. Checking in is important to get feedback on how we can help or how to improve. Offices change, staff can change, needs change – we want to work through all those things with you. Our experience can help from anything like a weird stain that won’t come out to help planning an office remodel. Seriously, having flooring that is easier to maintain makes a huge difference for everyone’s sanity. We have seen all types and can let you know our thoughts. Even things like a janitorial closet – we have LOTS of opinions there (like we will love you if you install a mop sink).

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