Our Cleaning Process

Commercial Cleaning is an interesting service to provide.

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Each company who is providing cleaning services knows there are so many things that can be left up to chance on how the cleaning goes. So how do we at Garden City Janitorial like to break it all down so we can provide the highest quality possible? Here is our general process to go about client satisfaction.

How We Like To Start

First and foremost, knowing and understanding the clients expectations, high priority items and the level of clean is the most important thing you can have in your pocket to succeed. Meeting with our clients, seeing the space and having them point out those weird spots is invaluable knowledge for putting out top notch cleaning services.

The Cleaning “Rules”

By rules, we mean the scope of work attached to each client and each space. Ensuring the staff assigned to the space is totally aware of all the items and spaces listed on the scope and trained in those items. Having these rules is great for both company and client alike. Holding the janitorial service to what should be done is obvious but it also can help clarify expectations of the client. This can help if items of issue are brought up and can be resolved quickly.

The “Actual” Cleaning Process

Now comes the most obvious item I suppose, the actual cleaning! Hey, we got there eventually didn’t we? Cleaning is tricky, each person has their own sense of what that means and to what level is “good”. At Garden City Janitorial, we do our best to ensure our training program stresses the level of work we expect as well as what the client expects. We create a processes at each building for what would be the most efficient to help prevent from missing items. Examples like collecting and taking the trash out all at the same time or to cleaning top to bottom. Each type of area (restrooms versus cubicles, etc.) is also broken down in training so that each specific space on the scope is addressed and understood by the cleaning staff.

Window Cleaning

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