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Why Isn’t Square Footage That Important?

We find many of our clients who first approach us asking for a quote go, “well here is the square footage, can’t I just get a price”? Well, we have found that does a disservice to both you as a potential client but to what your space may actually need.

Each space is unique just as every client’s expectations are. We don’t want to dismiss those things when presenting a quote. When we bid, we want to see your space. This allows us to see the nooks and crannies, to find an efficient cleaning route which not only shows us the spaces that could be looked over but also to help keep the cleaning more consistent, as turnover is high in our industry. An office space is as different as a medical operating room – just seeing square footage does not account for the details a space has or the different levels of cleaning that each one needs. Square footage does have its place in the bid, there is no question about that. Size does play a role in our cost process but it is not everything.


Seeing your space is one the most important requirements – well after meeting who our potential client may be – that we have when providing a bid. No one knows your space like you do, there is no magical formula that can give a great price and get the clean that the space needs. Experience and data driven quotes should be something all those seeking quotes for a space should look for.


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