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At Garden City Janitorial, we bring decades of commercial janitorial service experience to our clients here in the Missoula and Bitterroot Valleys.

We offer a full spectrum of all commercial janitorial services, from your business's daily cleaning needs to floor maintenance including carpet cleaning, waxing and scrub and buff services.

If you would like to read about how our internal process for our janitorial services go, please check out our blog post here!

Regular Commercial Janitorial Service

Our professionals are standing by to address your commercial janitorial and maintenance needs.


We have janitorial experience in an array of commercial spaces including:

Photo of clean office space
Photo of janitorial cleaner cleaning windows

But why pay for something you can do yourself?

Having a janitorial service takes the pressure off yourself and your staff, giving them more time to use for work or have a better work/life balance. It also saves time and costs searching for multiple vendors such as carpet cleaners, window cleaners or floor technicians. We can take over, both from our in house services as well as finding great partners for those services we may not be able to handle.

  • Photo of cleaner holding cleaning supplies

    Commercial Janitorial Services

    Regular weekly janitorial services customized to your space. From medical to general offices, our staff is experienced in multiple types of spaces and levels of clean needed.

  • photo of two feet with socks on a white carpet

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Our staff have the experience and knowledge to tackle even the most difficult of carpet cleaning projects. We have experience in many different carpet types and methods to get the best results possible.

  • Photo of clean hard wood flooring

    Floor Refinishing and Maintenance

    We provide many services for your hard flooring. From a full new wax to maintenance  buffering, we can tailor a schedule to keep your floors shining!

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