Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Garden City Janitorial also provides commercial carpet cleaning for clients and non-clients.

From full carpet service to spot cleaning, our in-house, experienced team can get even the dirtiest of carpets help. By having a cleaning company with this capability, we can help to alleviate the headache and time scheduling of more vendors.

We also can create a pre-arranged cleaning schedule in our custom scopes of work. This allows for the carpets can be maintained on a regular basis, which saves time and money (as well as those forgetful moments) for our clients.


There are many benefits to have regular upkeep on your carpeting. Especially in a commercial space with high traffic, carpets lose their longevity quickly. This link gives you a more comprehensive view on with what regularity your carpets may need.

Why Do You Need Carpet Cleaning?

photo of an upclose picture of pollen on a flower bud

One great benefit in keeping carpets cleaned is allergies. Dirt, grime and pollens can get trapped in carpet fibers - releasing every time the carpet is stepped on. Helping reduce watery eyes and sneezing will be appreciated by everyone!

photo of a spade with dirt on it

Carpet cleaning also helps reduce illness via airborne germs as well as reduce air pollution. Removing the dirt and germs in your carpets keep these from getting in the air, helping keep employees and customers feeling their best.

photo of upclose rug

Regular carpet cleaning also helps extend the life of your carpets. Dirt and grime cause wear on the carpet fibers and without removing those, the carpet will need replacing faster than if the dirt and grime was kept at bay. This saves you money in the long run!

photo of office space


Being a long term client or exploring your options for a janitorial company, we are able to help assess a plan for helping and keeping your office carpet looking its best!

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