Floor Refinishing & Maintenance

What Does Flooring Maintenance Mean?

Garden City Janitorial also provides extra flooring services for all of your floor deep cleaning, floor strip and wax, and buffing needs. 

Our company employs only highly qualified, professional technicians to provide you with excellent cleaning services. They are experienced and trained in multiple floor care methods to provide the best quality service. Professional grade equipment is used to help get the job done right. 

Garden City Janitorial looks forward to delivering excellent customer service for your company's floor care needs. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you make your floors sparkle and shine.

Our Flooring Maintenance Offerings

Photo of hardwood flooring

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the best solutions for helping maintain and extend your carpeting. This saves costs of replacement as well as gives your space a nice refresh. We can help plan a regular cleaning schedule to help take the scheduling off your plate!

Scrub and Wax

If your hard flooring is looking very dull, we recommend a scrub and full wax. This takes off the old layer(s) of wax and lays down new coats to bring back your flooring to life. We provide many different types of wax (glossy, matte) to meet your aesthetics and what would be best for your flooring.


Buffering is for floors that are not quite in need of a full wax but are still looking dull. This is a cost effective service to maintain  shine for your hard flooring. we can recommend based on our experience, the best routine for your floors and keep you updated on when a full wax may be needed.

Even if you are not a regular janitorial customer - please contact us!

We are happy to do our best to accommodate your floor work or if we are unable to help - we are happy to recommend other great service providers in the area.

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