Floor Refinishing & Maintenance

Floor Refinishing & Maintenance

Welcome to Garden City Janitorial, serving the Missoula, MT area and surrounding communities. A family owned and operated business, we aim to deliver excellent customer service for all of your floor cleaning, floor strip and wax, and buffing needs. We aim to make your floors shine, so you can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing look of your business.

One major benefit to us cleaning, buffering and providing a floor strip and wax service is it saves you the time and energy that you would have spent cleaning your own floors. It lets you focus on the daily operation of your business, or on the needs of your family. There are also several health benefits to clean floors, including that it drastically reduces allergens in the air and helps prevent mold growth in any moist areas. In addition, some floor materials, such as hardwood, are difficult to care for. We’ll make sure to use the correct cleaning products depending on your surface so it can look its very best.

Our company employs only highly qualified, professional technicians to provide you with excellent cleaning services. They are trained in their field to complete every job thoroughly and to your level of satisfaction. They use safe, professional grade equipment to help them get the job done right. They provide a deep cleaning of floors that is difficult for a homeowner or business owner to do effectively.

Garden City Janitorial looks forward to delivering excellent customer service for your cleaning needs in your home or business. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you make your floors sparkle and shine.

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